Friday, February 8, 2013

hangin memories on those high line poles...

Well friends and family I have two big exciting pieces of info to share with you :)

First off Mike passed the last and FINAL test of his journeyman lineman test! OMG I cannot even tell you the amount of pride I have in my husband. He was a nervous wreck this morning on his way out the door and it didn't help head honcho telling him, hey if you fail this you're laid off for another two months. Oh geeze but my hubby passed (with flying colors) and is on his way home! Literally only 450 hours left until he is officially a journeyman lineman. *biiiig sigh!!*

Second big piece of the day, as most of you know we're adding another state to our list! We are heading to Alamo, NV. Haven't heard of it before? Well that's most likely because it has a huge population of 1080.

We really don't know much about the job except its the Ely 500 line which mean lots of hours. Like 7 days 12-14 hours. He's going to be one tired puppy! Good news with that though is as of right now he'll have the rest of his hours by the middle of March! So there is a possibility we'll be heading home but as of right now we're thinking Mike might stay on the job until summertime so we can build a nice little nest egg :) But as you all know things change very quickly.

Alamo is roughly 14 hours from Bozeman, add a few more hours with the trailer and you  have one long ass weekend for us. Tomorrow will be spent taking the skirting down and Sunday we'll head out. Mike has to be in Salt Lake City Monday morning to fill out papers since we are going out of jurisdiction. He will actually be working under Cal/NV instead of Mtn. States, which bumps his pay to Cali pay without actually having to go there. Woop! After he fills out papers we'll make the rest of 7.5 hours to our new home.

I'm so excited and ready but of course dreading this move. I just hope our babies stay happy!! Thank you all again for your continuous support for my husband and our family. Prayers for a safe (and sane!!) journey appreciated. :)

Here's what I was doing when I got the call... 3 pints down, 5 more to go!

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