Friday, February 1, 2013

Sandy Hook Snowflake Response

Randomly after dinner last night, Mike asked me if I'd heard how the kids responded to the snowflakes. I felt a little guilty that I hadn't looked into it until now but now that I am searching for the responses I'm falling kind of short.

Here's what I have found though! A few short articles saying that CT PTA had to put a "thank you but no thank" stop to receiving more snowflakes. Apparently the snowflake project turned into a giant blizzard coming from all over the WORLD! Over SIX million snowflakes found their way to Newtown!! I think that's pretty rad and gives me a little hope that people do care. In response to the stopping of snowflakes, some schools have taken the time and effort to hang snowflakes in their own schools to show support!

I did find a couple picutres of the snowflakes but if you've come across any other info please share :)

if you look closely the windows are filled with snowflakes!

yup that's a "blizzard of love!"

Happy Friday friends! Hope everyone has a fun filled weekend... Mike is up getting ready to head to Helena for an extra study day before he goes next Friday for the last of his Journeyman Lineman Test :)

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